This temple was firstly discovered by an expert of ancient from the Netherland named Krijsman on a clitf at the Pakerisan River, when he was digging a small building that previously only regarded as an ordinary gapura.

It is estimated that Tebing Tegallinggah Temple is as the same era as Gunung Kawi Temple. Gunung Kawi Temple is estimated to be built during the reign of King Sri Aji Paduka Dharmawangsa Marakata Pangkaja Stanattunggadewa (944-948 Saka Year) and lciter lunnnucd when Kinc Anak Wungsu (971-999 Saka Year) ruled Bali. Both of them were the descendants of King Udayana from Warmadewa Dynasty. Tengkulak Inscription (945 Saka) says that there is a hermitage located at the riverside of the Pakerisan River namely Amarawati. Researchers believe that Amarawati refers to Gunung Kawi Temple.

Tebing Tegaltinggah Temple is a newly-discovered temple. The location of this temple is quite unique as it is carved on a cliff watt located at the Pakerisan River. This ancient site Tebing Tegallinggah Temple is named based on where it was discovered, which is at Tegallinggah Hamlet and also from its location which is at a cliff and that is why it is called by the word “tebing (cliff)”.


The ancient relics located at Tebing Tegallinggah Temple tourist attraction are:

• 18 niches, reviewing from the cosmological aspect, Hindu Religion has a purpose as a place to get closer to Sanghyang Widhi Wasa or sacred hermitage place.

• 3 Lingga as the embodiment of Tri Murti: God Brahma, God Wisnu, God Siwa.

• Gapura, of which the right side of gapura has a bigger form, while the left side has a form similar to a half-completed monastery.

• 2 carved ancient temples

• 4 fountains as a place for self-cleaning, there is also one more fountain located at the far side which is usually called “Pancoran Sudamala”. It is a special water fountain and usually used for implementing prayer to shrine. This Sudamala fountain is also used as a place for Ida Bathara watering at Pucak Manik Shrine when there is a holy ceremony/odalan. Until now, nobody can give the assurance of the exact time of this temple being built and by whom. However, based on some discovered data, it is highly possible that this temple was built in the 12th AD century.


Tebing Tegallinggah Temple is located at Tegallinggah Village, Sedulu, Blahbatuh Sub-district, Gianyar District. This location can be reached in one hour from Denpasar City. From Blahbatuh Market, follow the path to the north until you see a Tegaltinggah T-junction that has Dewi Kadru Statue. Then, take the path to the right for about 100 meters until you see the first alley on the left side of the road. Enter the alley towards the Pakraman Tegatlinggah Village for about 800 meters until you arrive at the front of the temple’s parking spot. Tebing Tegallinggah Temple tourist attraction in Blahbatuh Gianyar Bali has a very interesting beautiful charm to visit. It is very unfortunate if you do not visit the Tebing Tegallinggah Temple tourist attraction in Blahbatuh, Gianyar, which has an incomparable beauty