Pura Yeh Mengening (Gianyar)

Mengening Temple is located in Banjar Sareseda, Tampaksiring Village. This temple is an ancient site, the relics of the reign of King Marakata in 1022 AD.

For the first time the Mangening Temple was discovered by W. F. Stutterheim in 1925-1927 but not mentioned in detail, then in 1960 Bernet Kempers stated that there was a temple with some of the remains of the building on the top of a small hill.

Based on the report, excavation and research were carried out and found the temple in incomplete condition along with Yoni phallus, which was placed in the temple hall which was sacred by the local community. This place was built in the Pakerisan River valley which has abundant water sources. The water is collected in a pond and flowed through a shower.
Pancoran in Pura Mangening is used for religious ceremonies and agricultural irrigation which is channeled through the Pakerisan River.

This place is very interesting to visit besides seeing the relics of ancient kings, we can also see the river which is quite beautiful. This river water is used to irrigate the surrounding rice fields even to the Pejeng and Bedulu areas.

Pura Mengening on map :