Tirta Empul (Gianyar)

Tirta Empul is located in the upper reaches of the Pakerisan River, Manukaya Village, Tampaksiring District. Tirta Empul is a petirtan with abundant water sources where there is a temple called Pura Tirta Empul. This place is one of the best world tourist attractions in Bali. Another top tourist destinations is avaliable in Tampaksiring nearby.

In the west of Tirta Empul Temple there are beautiful green hills directly adjacent to Tampaksiring State Palace which was built in the era of President Sukarno.

The history of Tirta Empul can be known as written on the inscription stored in Sakenan Temple, Manukaya Village which uses an ancient Balinese letter dated 960 AD where it is stated: “Raja Indrajayasingha Warmadewa gave orders to the people to repair or re-arrange the waterways in Tirta Empul” . (Soekarto K. Atmojo, et al, 1977: 14)
Empul namely: Tirta Surya, Tirta Bintang, Tirta Bulan whose existence spouted water all the time that flowed to 33 pancoran as we see now.

All of the pancoran water is trusted by the Hindu community for the purposes of religious ceremonies and self-purification. Archaeological remains in the Tirta Empul Temple are Lingga Yoni, Archa Singa which is placed in a Pelinggih. Ancestor Embodiment Statues, stored in the main sacred building (pelinggih).

Air Tirta Empul is very closely related to Usada Bali, where in ancient times the army of Betara Indra was told to be poisoned by Maya Denawa. It was then that the Gods / Bhatara Indra created Yeh Empul as an antidote so that all of Indra’s army could be brought back to life and continue the war against Maya Denawa. (Usana Bali script source 8 / 5-5).

Tirta Empul on map :