Is placed at Bedulu Village, District Blahbatuh, Approximately 6 km from the city of Gianyar. Distance traveled to this location is approximately 26 km with a journey time of about forty minutes force from Denpasar Bali when using a motor vehicle.

This museum is also referred to as the archeology museum positioned at Jl. Raya Tampaksiring Bedulu, exactly two hundred meters north of the intersection of Bedulu Village.
This museum is one of the government-owned museums underneath the institution of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, director-general of culture.
The Gedong statue museum is positioned within the equal vicinity because of the Bali Cultural Heritage Preservation Office within the working location of ​​the provinces of Bali, West Nusa Tenggara, and East Nusa Tenggara.
The history of the status quo of the museum is the idea of ​​Prof. Dr. R.P Soejono and Drs. Soekarto K. Atmojo, former head of the Bali Archeology Service, to show and display collections of cultural heritage items that have been observed in numerous areas in Bali, NTB and NTT since the founding of the archaeological ministry in 1950.
The Museum of the Arca Museum holds a set of gadgets of cultural maintenance from prehistoric times and records which have been formally opened with the aid of the Director-General of Culture of the Ministry of Education and Culture on September 14, 1974.
Tourist visits at the Gedong Arca museum are divided into several categories which include students, legit visits, general and overseas tourists.

Important Value The life of the Gedong Arca museum for visitors who clearly admire a journey of civilization is that they can get to recognize civilization in prehistoric times and history. By staring at the gadgets of cultural renovation stored in this museum we can imagine beyond lives as part of a civilization of human lifestyles in prehistoric instances.