Candi Tebing Tegallinggah (Gianyar)

A few years ago has been discovered by historical heritage Sanctuary and Bali Archaeological Group of ancient relics in the form of a cliff temple in Dusun/Br. Tegallinggah Desa Bedulu Blahbatuh Gianyar. The ancient relics of this cliff temple is found by Krijgsman he is Archcolog of the Holand nation, while doing investigation to a small building that is set on the rock Padas on the steep cliffs of the river valley Pakerisan.

To visit the sights of the cliffs can be Traveled through Denpasar – Gianyar Road, west side of petrol station Semebaung turn to right there is a guide to the Tourism object of Tebing Tegallinggah temple. Distance from Denpasar ± 24 Km and from Gianyar ± 3 km. The building that was discovered by Krijgsman in the form of a cliff temple is only known by the locals, the form of Gopura entrance to an cave that has been buried by the land. After excavated, this gate was followed by a ladder that headed upwards.

On the right side of the gate is a larger gate but has collapsed. And behind this relic there is a The yard of the back wall is 2 temples carved in stone padas. The top of the niches that contain these temples have collapsed. The left side of the gate is unfinished monastery. Roof shape Dipa hat roughly on the rock Padas. Apparently this place was left unfinished after the collapse of the northern part of the group that was submised by natural disasters of earthquakes. Across the river, there is a group of meditating niches that are carved into the cliffs of Padas. Before we get to the location of the temple we will go through the fish ponds that are intended for People who have a hobby of fishing.