The first impression of seeing Tabanan area is green and fertile area. Rolling hills and mountains on the northern boundary with Lake Beratan. Buyan and Tamblingan once described Tabanan’s ever-abundant water area. The climate and the cool weather and the slope of the land from the mountains on the north side to the coastal region on the south side makes Tabanan very superior in wet and plantation farming. North Tabanan, starting from the Bedugul region, is a producer of fruits and vegetables while central and South Tabanan is a producer of good quality rice.

With Area of approximately 83,933 km2, Tabanan is inhabited by approximately 441,900 people spread evenly in 10 sub-districts. Although the opportunities in the tourism sector and other sectors are very open, most of the population of Tabanan still remain on their own. A reduction in agricultural personnel, because they work in other sectors, are in a modem and efficient farming pattern. Therefore, Tabanan continues to be the focus of suppliers of food needs in the natural condition, Tabanan prioritize natural and agricultural tourism as a potential in the field of Tourism. Tanah Lot, Penebel, Jatiluwih, Pupuan, Antosari and Bedugul are the places that are always visited by foreign tourists and tourists of the archipelago who miss the beauty of nature.