Apakah Menurut Anda Potensi Wisata Di Gianyar Sudah Dikembangkan Dengan Baik ?

Baik Sekali

Demografi Kab. Gianyar


Gianyar city under the ruled Government of Gianyar regency no: 9 on April 2 2004 about Gianyar city anniversary, about 2 ¼ century of history, exactly 237 years old on April 1771,when Gianyar was chosen as the name of palace, Puri Agung  that was King palace( Anak Agung) by Ida Dewa Manggis Sakti than after declared a Kingdom socialized with other one in Bali. It was a history awakening of Puri Agung Gianyar as its function was purified on April 1771 by the first King of Gianyar ( Ida  Dewata Manggis Sakti signed that a process of a be and be there  can flowing back( past) and flowing up( future). Based on archeological relic in Gianyar area, it can interpreted that the communication in Gianyar was appeared on 2000 years old as found artifacts like stone, bronze, “nekara”(bulan di pejeng),and some reliefs  which describes about the real life of the cave at Pakerisan river.

Gianyar regency is one of area in Bali which rich of cultures especially art, like dancing, balinese music ( tabuh ), carving, painting, and also handycraft that worldwide in the world. The art culture presented as the unique trademark artistically.

Administration institution of Gianyar regency are:

  1. 7 districts
  2. 6 village offices
  3. 63 villages
  4. 541 sub villages
  5. 45 Areas

Traditional institutionof Gianyar regency are:

  1. 269 villages of custom
  2. 517 sub villages
  3. 470 Sekehe Teruna/ni ( tenegeer organizations )
  4. 518 Subak ( rice grower’s organizations)

Economic development of gianyar regency effected by economic it self, moneter, and impact of WTC tragedy on 1999 growing at 1,76 %, on 2000 at 4.7%, and  on 2001 growing down at 4.51%. When tragedy the first Boomber in Kuta and SARS on 2002, economic growth to 3.68 % and still effected down to 3.58 % on 2003


Gianyar regency sided by Denpasar, Bangli, and Klungkung, placed on 125 meter high up to the see as it’s rich of inspirations art culture development. Well growth here such as Kerawitan, traditional dancing, art krya, and many more art creations. It was related to Gianyar as the administration capital of kingdom in Majapahit era transition either before or on the beginning of. Bedulu and Pejeng in northern part of Gianyar was noted historically as administration capital before Majapahit era and Samplangan in the east in the beginning of Bali under Majapahit ruled. Ubud Peliatan, Mas and around hardly concerned to the center of art culture development in ducth regime and also in independence era. It’s exactly that Gianyar deep closed to art culture. If compared between Denpasar as trading city which deeply concern to the main part of city,while Gianyar hardly concern to the resort as tourism area especially Ubud district. In the western part, including Sayan till Payangan has been growth as tourism field area such as accommodation, like beautique hotel, as privacy dedicated. In Ubud centre it self has been growing pensions and homestays. Other part out of tourism area related and support each other with tourism one as built Gianyar as a tourism city respected to cultural . Two parts of Gianyar tourism area are Ubud and MORE.

First ,Ubud tourism object including Kelurahan Ubud, Melinggih kaja and kelod, Kedewatan, Peliatan, mas, Petulu, Lod Tunduh, Sayan, Singakerta, and Puhu. Most of those has been growth longly, few of them just start to growth as we see the investor coming to develop tourism capacity either in area Melinggih kelod or Kaja. Not so long we believe that it will be growth as Ubud, Peliatan, Mas, and others in same area..
Second , more area including candra Asri, Ketewel, saba, Sukawati, Pering, Keramas, Lebih, and Siut. Compared to the first above, space of the time development is far different . the growths era of Ubud development were; discovery era on 1920 and continued to instituzionalization era in the beginning  of  1990. Even late but  it was believed that its development will be well growth, for example Hotel , restaurant, and other tourism facilities.The growth whole, were discovery, local repon, and instituzionalized meant  tourism development ride dynamically . Geographycally its position is strategic. This regency famous as the craft creations product it has, such as statue, silver, and painting,also placed in the lane of Denpasar- Gianyar-Klungkung-Karangasem. Traveling either from denpasar to the east or from east to Denpasar, will passing Gianyar area as well. The foreign tourist either comes to Bali landing in Bandara Ngurah Rai or ported in Padang bay will be interested to see the magnificent belonging. Our taste invited as magnetic value offered

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